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Why is it that you deliver your work to the highest of standards but you feel more like the best-kept secret than the industry name everyone wants to hire?

It’s not because you’re not meant for greatness. (Have you seen yourself lately?! Greatness is inevitable.) It’s because you don’t have a rock-solid business foundation that leverages your strengths or a reputation-boosting sales + marketing system that you feel fearless using.

Until now.

It’s time to:


the monthly cycle of wondering where your next project is coming from with a feel-good approach that has your ideal clients consistently knocking on your door

It’s time to:


the soul-sucking “try it and see” strategies and instead reap the financial and emotional rewards of implementing a simple yet powerful plan that’s guaranteed to work

It’s time to:


the clients that make you feel resentful (because they’re not paying you enough) and replace them with higher-calibre clients that make you feel remarkable (because yes, your work really is worth those higher rates you’ve been wanting to charge)

Kymberlee Coach Kym Medina Book Yourself Solid Business Coach

Hey, I’m Coach Kym.

I’m a high-performance business coach for fiercely ambitious consultants and service professionals who want to build a remarkable reputation + revenue stream — without “hustling” harder or doing anything that makes them feel like they just took a bath in snake oil.


As a former dancer + choreographer, Nike athlete, global brand consultant, and award-winning business owner, I know what it takes to win big, in style.

My killer combination of coaching and consulting experience, business-building expertise, practical advice, and actionable strategies means you can:

Earn more recognition from your industry

Earn more respect for your razor-sharp skills

Earn more reward for your hard work


Ready to make remarkable moves and blow the roof off your business?

Who am I kidding, you were born ready. Strap yourself in, click the button below and let’s GO!

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