You want someone who’s a high-performer themselves to push you, challenge you, and help you see that you’re capable of 10x more than you even dared dream of. (And you dream BIG).

About Kymberlee Jay - Professional Business Coach

You want a proven coaching methodology to show you how to build a business that doesn’t just transform your life but the lives of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of others.

If there’s anyone perfectly placed to help you do that, it’s me. I’m Coach Kym, certified Book Yourself Solid® Partner, and showing you how to make moves that make money is my specialty.

As a former professional dancer + choreographer, sponsored Nike athlete turned brand consultant for household names, and award-winning business owner, I know what it takes to make bold decisions that surprise people, break barriers built to keep people like me out, and achieve colossal goals against all the odds. I know what it takes to win, even when it seems impossible.

Now I channel all of this unique experience into my high-performance coaching so that no consultant ever has to feel like they’re falling short of their potential again. Whatever winning looks like for you, it’s possible. Want me to prove it?

Let’s move

My life can pretty much be summed up in three themes.

Discipline. Dance. Defiance.

Business Coach Theme Discipline - About Kymberlee Jay


Growing up in a strict household, I was “one of those kids” who enjoyed reading encyclopedias. (This was before Google existed, okay!!!) If I had a question, my parents would tell me to look it up. So I did. Books became my best friends. Studying became my hobby. Discipline became my default.

But I soon realised being smart isn’t enough. You need to pair knowledge with action to see results, and this is the approach I take to coaching. I’m not going to feed you information. I’m going to inspire you to act on it. Consistently. That’s where the magic happens.

Business Coach Theme Dancer - About Kymberlee Jay


When I ditched academia to be a professional dancer and got selected as the first sponsored Nike dance athlete by accident (more on that below), I found myself fighting an upward battle. But when you love something enough, fighting for it becomes part of the fun. Teaching people from all different backgrounds to dance meant adapting my teaching style to individual learning styles, and being this dynamic as a dance teacher has made me an infinitely more powerful coach.

Dance taught me that if you break things down enough, you can do anything. No piece of choreography can’t be learnt so long as you break the dance moves down methodically. The same goes for business moves. You can reach any goal so long as you break it down into steps, give each step a priority and work through them one by one.

Business Coach Theme Defiance - About Kymberlee Jay


I’ve questioned authority and searched for “a way to do this better” at every single opportunity. Half-assing, corner-cutting, and accepting the status quo have never been options for me, and I don’t accept these traits in people who hold positions of power. (It’s why when I had a job as a McDonald’s cashier back in ‘99, I started at 9 am and was fired by 11.45 am.) I’ve been fired from pretty much every job I’ve had because I held people accountable to higher standards when they didn’t want to be, which is why entrepreneurship was inevitable for me.

As a coach, I will not be your yes person. I will be your fiercest supporter, most loyal champion, and most compassionate confidante, but I will not let you off the hook when I believe you can be better. (And yeah, you can be better.)

Defiant move #1:

Defying my parents and ditching academia for dance.

My love affair with dance all started when a wedding DJ played Boom Shake The Room and everyone went wild for it. The feeling of moving to music was electric and I begged my parents to let me take dance classes. They thought I’d grow out of it and become a forensic pathologist. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.) 

Dance showed me that I had an identity outside of books. It didn’t matter that I was taller and bigger than everyone else. It lit a fire in me that my biomedical science degree couldn’t. Which is why when I realised that I was dreaming about dance all day and half-assing my studies, I had to defy my parents and listen to what I wanted for myself, not what they wanted for me.

Defiant move #2:

Defying Nike and standing up to the big brands.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself working in the dance industry, an industry that didn’t allow me to audition for most jobs because I was still taller and bigger than what was deemed “acceptable”. So, eventually (naturally), I gatecrashed one. I didn’t wait for the opportunity; I created it… And I booked the job! A music video for Misteeq (remember them?!). This taught me that I could be different and still belong.

So when I later found myself at a HUGE Nike audition by accident, I treated it as a joke. I believed it was impossible for someone like me, who didn’t look the part or act the part, to be chosen as the first Nike sponsored dance athlete and front an EMEA campaign. So I did what I wanted instead of what they wanted. And that is the exact reason they chose me. I dared to defy them. I dared to stand out. I dared to stand for something unexpected. 

Signing with Nike changed my life, but it didn’t change me. Over the seven years, I was sponsored by them, travelling the world to bring communities together through dance, I would question campaign strategy and volunteer ideas. This meant when I didn’t want to be a performance athlete any more, Nike asked me to become a consultant. 

The next few years, consulting for household names like AEG Europe, The BBC and Footlocker became my brilliance. I inhaled marketing and branding, PR, sales, events, and all things business strategy. And I was hired again and again because I wasn’t scared to be the questioner, the challenger, the devil’s advocate. Not to cause a ruckus, but to create better results. Even to this day, I’m less intimidated by a boardroom full of influential people than I am a group of toddlers. (And I say that as a mother!)

Defiant move #3:

Defying myself and folding a thriving business.

Alongside global brand consulting, I set up an award-winning animation studio. As you do. It was a massive financial success out the gate. The problem? I hated running it. The only parts I enjoyed were speaking externally about building a profitable business and hiring and training team members based on their goals and how they liked to learn. (See a pattern here?) I didn’t know it, but this was the start of my business coaching journey. When I woke up, working with my team and helping them thrive was more exciting to me than the bottom line numbers. 

So many entrepreneurs wanted to know how I’d grown the business so fast — and I wanted to empower them to build the businesses they wanted based on who they were. As hard as I’d worked to build that company, folding became the only option. Because the only thing I wasn’t prepared to defy was my own damn destiny.


If you’ve made it all the way down here, that says something about you. That you’re ready for more, sure, but that you’re also made for more.

Book Yourself Solid® is a proven coaching methodology developed by New York Times bestseller Michael Port in which I’ve studied, fully immersed myself, and sharpened my skills. So much so that I’m now a part of the Book Yourself Solid® Executive Team, training and developing world-class coaches, consultants, and small business owners across the globe.

Whether we work together in Defiant Moves™️, The Book Yourself Solid® Advisory Board, or Remarkable Results Private Coaching, the approach I take demands nothing less than excellence from me, which pretty much guarantees excellence from you when you do the work.

This is business success choreography at its finest.

Take on the world in a new way

Over the next 5 years, my mission is to help 500 consultants from the arts and media industries to grow a business that allows them to express their true selves, attracts more stellar clients than they can handle, and builds them remarkable reputations + revenue streams.

Something tells me you’re one of them.

I am! Show Me What We Can Do...

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